Tiaki Promise
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Sustainability at Mountain View Villa

At Mountain View Villa, we are dedicated to upholding the spirit of the Tiaki Promise, a commitment to caring for New Zealand and preserving its natural beauty. By embracing these core principles, we strive to create a sustainable and harmonious environment for our guests and the community.

Tiaki Promise

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Protect Nature

Embrace the beauty of Marlborough's landscapes by respecting and protecting its flora and fauna. Explore responsibly and leave no trace to ensure the preservation of our natural treasures.
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Keep NZ Clean

Join us in maintaining the pristine beauty of New Zealand. Dispose of waste thoughtfully, recycle, and minimize your environmental footprint during your stay at Mountain View Villa.
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Be Prepared

Prepare for your adventures with care. Whether you're exploring Marlborough's vineyards or embarking on a nature walk, plan ahead to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.
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Drive Carefully

As you navigate the scenic roads of Marlborough, drive with caution and respect for the environment. Enjoy the journey while prioritizing the safety of yourself, fellow travelers, and the local wildlife.
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Show Respect

Foster a culture of respect for the local community, their traditions, and the unique environment of Marlborough. Engage with the region with an open heart and a commitment to leaving a positive impact.

Beyond the Tiaki Promise, Mountain View Villa is actively engaged in sustainable practices. From energy-efficient operations to community involvement, explore our initiatives that contribute to a greener, more sustainable Marlborough.