Hello OFW – Interview with Idol Raffy Tulfo

Dive into an exclusive interview with OFW icon Raffy Tulfo. Hello OFW brings you insightful conversations with an idol.

January 5, 2024

My husband Clark and I were interviewed by the Philippines’ media personality Raffy Tulfo of TV5 network in his TV and radio segment ‘Hello OFW’. The segment features Filipinos living abroad. Our vacation rental in the heart of the wine capital of New Zealand, in Blenheim, was featured.

Our recently established Blenheim Filipino Ukulele group was also featured. The interview ended funny when our group continued on playing as we can’t hear Raffy. Apparently, he had still a number of questions he wanted to ask of me, particularly my previous work in the Senate of the Philippines as one of the Legislative staff of the late Senator Juan Flavier. Well, that could be a topic for the next interview!

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